Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Conquering Clutter Challenge 3

OK, it is now time for the greatest challenge yet--my sewing/craft area.  It is embarrassing to show this to the whole world, but it must be done. This area is necessary to my earning extra money, and currently it is unusable.  Right now it is covered with glassware for my new shop I'm trying to open on Etsy, called Cottage Garden Vintage.  So my biggest challenge is finding a safe spot to store all this glass while it is listed in the shop.  
There is also a serger, still in its box on the left and stacks of books to sell on Ebay.  
In the foreground is another box with Ebay items.  There are curtains to be hung up, statues to be glued, and a TV at the end of the table.  I feel tired already!
So please pray that I have the energy and focus to get this area in tip-top working order so that I can actually use my sewing area as it was intended.
So my projected date of completion will be Sunday, February 12, God willing.  On Monday, I hope to share my "after" photos.  
Please join me in this challenge and share your thoughts and links to what you have accomplished in conquering clutter.  

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