Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Movies: To Be or Not to Be

Yesterday, I had a discussion with my 16 year old son about action/adventure movies he wants to see, either at the theater or on DVD like "The Hunger Games", "G.I. Joe, Rise of the Cobra", "Transformers" or "Contagion" for example.
So I looked to my favorite Christian review sites:  Common Sense Media and Plugged In to check and see if he might be able to view any of those movies.  I was shocked to see what was in these films in terms of language, sexual situations/innuendo and violence.  
Now, I try to not to be puritanical in deciding what is appropriate for him, but where does a Christian parent draw the line?  Five swear words?  Ten?  None?  And which words should I let pass?
How many sexual references do I allow?  How many violent acts?
Is there nothing for him (and for that matter, other Christian/homeschool families) between "Cinderella" and "Battle LA"?  Should we just give up and wait for a decent film to come out?
He (and our family) really enjoyed "National Treasure", "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" and the "Narnia" films.  But that's all we've been able to watch that is appealing to him.
Are we the only family struggling with this?  Is it worse because we homeschool and so the harshness of life seems more harsh?  Trying to stick with Christian values, yet trying to find something entertaining to watch, is definitely a huge challenge.
I would love to hear from you with suggestions for movies for Christian families.  If I hear from enough readers, I will put together a movie list in a future post.
God bless you and thanks for reading my blog.

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