Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Gone Bad

It all started innocently enough.  My hubby wanted to make plans for Valentine's Day and so mentioned this past weekend about cooking steaks on the grill.  I thought it might be a good idea, but suggested hamburgers rather than steak, as the budget is a little small this week. He agreed.

So, Valentine's morning, I made coleslaw to go with the burgers and chips.  Later that day, hubby called saying he was leaving work (late of course) and that he would stop by to pick up the ground beef, rolls and wine.

He finally arrived bearing ground beef and a steak, fired up the barbie and I formed the burgers.  Did I mention that he purchased salad fixings, too?  And the fact that I had already made coleslaw?  And that he bought 1 steak?  Remember, we are feeding 5 people.  Anyway, so out to the grill (in the dark) went the meat.

Ten minutes later, the back door opened, and there is hubby bearing an uncooked platter of meat.  Seems the grill is not functional at this time, which means that I will now have to make either the stove top or oven greasy, depending on the method of cooking the meat.  

My crabbiness ensues.  More work for me!  I then drag out my panini/grill and look for my directions which are generally underneath the grill in the pullout drawer.  But they are nowhere to be found and so I have to remember the settings and the time for cooking steaks and hamburgers.

The steak goes on first and proceeds to steam to a lovely shade of gray.  Into the warming drawer it goes.  The burgers go next and they are more succesful.  

So, at 7 p.m., all the hungry vultures descend on the food.  I look at the steak (aka shoe leather) and decide to have a burger and a big glass of wine to fortify me for cleaning up the greasy stove after dinner.

I do have to add that hubby and kids did help with the cleanup after our "romantic" and disastrous Valentine's dinner, so it wasn't all bad.

It seems we haven't escaped the Valentine's Day curse even after 30 years of marriage, since I can't recall a Valentine's when things have gone right.  Something always seems to happen!  Maybe we'll try takeout next year.

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  1. I had to giggle when I read this - sounds like what would happen here if we tried to celebrate St Valentine's Day!
    Got here from email to Allison - looking forward to meeting you in person. Have enjoyed jumping around your blog!


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