Saturday, February 11, 2012

Quick Money-Saving Hints

Here is a short list of easy things I have been doing to save a few dollars:

1.  Hang clothes out on clothesline on nice days, even when it's cold.

2.  Washing clothes in cold water.

3.  Replace regular light bulbs with fluorescent bulbs.

4.  Cancel magazine and newspaper subscriptions.

5.  Cancel XM radio subscription.

6.  Shop at thrift stores for clothes and shoes.

7.  Plan my menus before grocery shopping.

8.  Drink brewed iced tea instead of soda.

9.  Stretch meals with pasta and rice casseroles.

10.  Buy drugstore cosmetics rather than department store counter cosmetics.

These were just some simple changes we made that put  a few dollars back in our pockets.  Small changes can feel less painful than some big changes!

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  1. How about price comparing for groceries? We do that alot.


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