Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day Gone Wrong

Yup, today was a day gone wrong.  I should have known from the moment I opened my eyes.  My broken crown tooth was hurting and I got up late.  I went downstairs and found a big puddle outside the catbox. There was a sinkful of dishes needing to be loaded in the dishwasher.

After loading laundry into the washer, my daughter and I put an exercise DVD into the player and began to do the wretched thing.  A few minutes into it, our ancient old dog decided to have some sort of seizure where he ran around at 100 miles per hour all the while bumping into the walls and anything else in his way.

So we had to stop the video and I had to hold the dog so he wouldn't hurt himself.  Twenty minutes later he lay down and went to sleep, thank goodness, poor thing.  I then tried to gulp down some breakfast and begin some sort of homeschool.  

Next came a quick lunch and then a trip to our local Registry of Motor Vehicles.  You see, I happened to notice on Monday that my license had expired  three weeks ago on my birthday.  Now, I did try to renew it that very afternoon, but when I went in, there was a huge crowd and they were all holding the same renewal paper I had.  So, I thought, I'll try again tomorrow.

So, I had planned to be there this morning, but the doggie incident kind of scrapped my plans.  Anyway, I arrived at the RMV at 1:45 and saw that I had 20 people in front of me after looking at my paper with my number to be served.  Only I hadn't noticed that there was an I in front of 172.  And that there was also an A172, D172, etc.  

So, I took a seat on the hard wooden bench and got ready to wait.  At that time, I recalled how I had gulped down a large glass of iced tea at lunch before arriving at the RMV.  Big mistake.  No bathrooms.  Finally, after exactly one hour, I made my way to the window, looked in the vision machine, took my picture, signed away and paid my $50 and then left that place as quick as I could.

On the way home later, we stopped to vote in the primary.  It was my daughter's first time voting and we were both excited about that. Until we got to the table and found that she was not on the voter list even though she registered this past summer.  So that meant that all the elderly ladies working the polls had to figure out what happened.     Not to mention that they couldn't find my name either, but that was due to the fact that our itty bitty town had been split into two precincts, and both were voting from the same elementary school gym.  Does that make sense?  

So, finally, I voted, and then my daughter finished all her paperwork to allow her to actually vote.  I even took a picture of her outside next to the "vote here" sign.  

And now, after reading my post, I feel a little sheepish calling it a "day gone wrong".  It ended up being an all right day and one we probably won't forget for a while.

I'm sure you've had days like this!  Please share yours by commenting below.  I'd love to hear your stories!

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  1. Isn't it amazing that during the moment everything seems so - wrong - and then when you look back, it all seems - not so bad.

    Most of my days seem like that! LOL

    thanks for sharing, may you have a few days that see good during the moments!



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