Sunday, March 4, 2012

Why Is Everyone So Angry?

Yesterday, I witnessed an upsetting incident at our local McDonald's Drive-Thru at lunchtime.

There are two entrances to the drive-thru that merge into one, with traffic coming off the highway for one entrance and traffic coming through the shopping plaza for the other.  We were coming through the plaza and when we entered the line, heard a car beeping its horn over and over.  In looking to see who it was, we saw a man in a small car trying to squeeze in front of the vehicle right ahead of me. He was beeping his horn and yelling out his window at the driver. 

She (the vehicle in front of me) continued forward to the order microphone.  This made the man very upset.  He jumped out of his car and was gesturing and yelling loudly at the other driver, saying she cut him in line and then he kept jumping in and out of his car and yelling even more.  

I'm not sure what he wanted her to do, as there is no way out of the drive-thru once you've entered, but he proceeded to try and back up and drive over the curbing through the landscaping.  He must have thought better of it, because he jumped back in his car and moved forward to order.  After ordering, he again jumped out of his car and was yelling at the lady as she was paying at the window.

Now, I must say, I was ready to dial 911 and said so to the employee at the ordering microphone, but he said it had been taken care of, I guess meaning that the manager of the restaurant had called the police.

I, as well as the woman being harassed, had children in the car which made the whole scenario even more traumatizing, as we didn't know what the man would do next.  I really wanted to get out of there, but there was no way to escape.  

The police did arrive, but only after the angry man had left the area.  

It was frightening to behold the anger the man displayed just because he had to wait one more car to order his lunch.  It just seems that these days, there are a lot more angry, impatient people out there, especially on the road and when waiting in line.  

Whatever happened to manners or just being kind or gallant?  Is it because everyone is overdosing on caffeine, turbocharging and energy drinks?  And nowadays, you never know if that angry person will become violent, instead of just verbally abusive.  It really scares me as I wonder where it will all end.

So, if you recognize this happening where you are, too, please let me know.  And if you know someone like this, maybe you can gently encourage them to handle their anger in a better way.

God bless!


  1. wow, that's really frightening. I think I would have called 911 much earler, and perhaps taken the freak's tag number down.

  2. Found your blog through Red Oak Lane. This is a very interesting post. My girls and I have noticed it too. I am going to have to teach them to drive in a much different way than I was taught, although my Dad always told me to leave enough room between my car and the next in case I have to pull out and leave quickly.....

    This is a horrible story and one that must have upset you all day. I would love to understand how as a culture we are losing control of our emotions so quickly and without real reason.

    Jessica @ Teachable Moments


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