Monday, January 23, 2012

1st Clutter Conquering Assignment: Completed

For all of you that have been waiting with baited breath for the results of my first clutter-conquering assignment (the top of my washer and dryer), here, once again, is the before photo:
It wasn't as time-consuming a project as I had first anticipated.  First, I had to find a home for a few items.  
There was the quilt, the two pairs of snow pants, a few cookbooks, a pile of rotary cutter mats that were supposed to be sold on Ebay, a bin of mismatched socks, a batch of scarfs and mittens as well as the kid's bowling shirts.
I also emptied the basket of lint, gathered all the coins to put in our "Disney fund" bank and and threw away anything else I didn't recognize.
The "finding a home" part was a little harder and took some thought as well as purging elsewhere (mainly of cookbooks).  I was able to give just about everything a home.  What was left went into the donation bag.
So here is the after:
Ta Da!  Now I really need to think before I put something on top of the washer and dryer again.  That, I think, is the key to keeping it organized.
If I can't find a spot to put something, then I  need to decide if I really WANT to find a place for it.  If I do, then I must get rid of something else in order to give it a dedicated space.  It's tough love time.
I hope this article will inspire you to join me on the road to conquering clutter.  There is strength in numbers and we can at least cheer each other on!
Tomorrow, my next assignment.

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  1. Wow, I'm impressed. Now how do you keep OTHER people from putting stuff there?


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